Modern Marketing Research: Concepts, Methods, and Cases (with Qualtrics Printed Access Card)

Descriptive and analytical, MODERN MARKETING RESEARCH: CONCEPTS, METHODS, AND CASES, 2nd Edition is a comprehensive introduction to the practice of marketing research. The book walks you through each step of the marketing research process, from project design and data collection to analyzing findings with statistical methods and preparing the final report. Making sense of complex marketing data, MODERN MARKETING RESEARCH: CONCEPTS, METHODS, AND CASES, 2nd Edition explains in detail the analytical and statistical approaches essential in marketing research, including standard multivariate methods like Factor, Cluster, and Conjoint Analyses, as well as the latest Hierarchical Bayes, Heterogeneity, and Sample Selection techniques. More than three dozen in-text cases highlight research projects in business and academic settings, while numerous examples and special interviews with industry experts give you an in-depth perspective of marketing research and its applications in the real world.

Integrated Perspective: Rather than abstract discussions, MODERN MARKETING RESEARCH: CONCEPTS, METHODS, AND CASES, 2nd Edition uses cases and examples to explain each aspect and stage of the marketing research process for a deeper, more comprehensive understanding.
Managerial, Detailed Approach: This high-level approach delivers exceptionally detailed coverage of research methods, particularly for "data-driven marketing," a must-know subject in marketing research today.
Helpful Data Sets and Instructor Slides: Assign complete data sets from cases to student teams and use classroom-tested PowerPoint® lessons to enhance your lessons.
Comprehensive Statistical Techniques: Cover all essential statistical techniques used in marketing research--starting with basic summary statistics, through regression, and ending in state-of-the-art methods--with the most complete and modern text on the market.
"Special Expert" Features: Interviews of world-class scholars and industry leaders show students how marketing research applies to ongoing, real-world projects.